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We Organic Bite was founded in 1992 by Mr. Prem Asija. You might have seen us in the online market for the last few years but we are spreading quality for a long time.

There are lots of different delivery services out there, but here at We Organic Bite, we try to deliver you quality products that are made with love. We're not only making it easier for you to get your groceries via our online delivery services, but also giving back to the environment by supporting local farmers in an effort to make the world a little greener.

Being local marketers we have learned that the quality of groceries has been lowering down if we compare from our 90's. So finally we decided to spears our quality products all around the nation. 

Me Arun Asija son of the founder Mr. Prem Asija putting blood and sweat to share the best pure quality and authentic products to your doorstep.

As a guy from a small village and looking at local farmers day in and day out we have seen how hard things work. So we keep it simple and took the raw material directly from farmers to help them grow. We are providing jobs to many locals through our farm. We have our own dairy to produce milk products. 

We believe in Karma so do we are working for quality, not for quantity. Money can come and go but the blessings and love of people stay forever.

Hope to keep working for the people of our nation. Bless you, all stay safe and healthy.



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A2 Vedic Gir Cow Ghee

Organicbite desi Gir cow a2 ghee is made from a single source of milk that is sourced, tested, and produced by 100% organic farms. The cows are fed with only natural grass, herbs, and grains.

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A2 Vedic Rathi Cow Ghee

Organicbite Ghee is a home-grown product from India. It's the Finest ghee made from A2 milk, using the Vedic process of churning and filtering as mentioned in Ayurveda. Being 100% natural, Organicbite desi Rathi cow a2 ghee is perfect for everyday cooking.

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A2 Vedic Buffalo Ghee

Buffalo A2 ghee induces natural sleep, Also helps in bleeding problems arising due to intestinal disorders like piles and sprue. it’s antioxidants that help in boosting immunity.

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