Organicbite wants to make a difference in the way we eat. We believe in real food tastes better and is good for us. We source our ingredients from farmers, growers and suppliers who follow sustainable practices, ensuring they get fresh, minimally processed foods with clean ingredient lists.

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How We Made It!

  • Vilas Deshmukh ( Amazon )

    This is 7th order of cow ghee all from different seller. This is most affordable authentic desi cow ghee. No adulteration. You can go for it. Thanks for the seller.

  • Er Rahul Kumar ( Facebook )

    I love this product, it's organic, the taste is perfect, the texture is nice, it's very cool. I love honey also I try Gir cow ghee, Ghee was very good in taste.

  • Bharati Musale ( Amazon )

    What can say more about Gir cow ghee is Like a homemade fresh item packing was awesome lid is airtight testy yummy 😋Thank you Organicbite.

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