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A2 Vedic Gir Cow Ghee

Organicbite desi Gir cow a2 ghee is made from a single source of milk that is sourced, tested, and produced by 100% organic farms. The cows are fed with only natural grass, herbs, and grains.

Rates :-

5 L - Rs.6500

10 L - Rs.13000

20 L - Rs.26000

50 L - Rs.65000

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A2 Vedic Rathi Cow Ghee

Organicbite Ghee is a home-grown product from India. It's the Finest ghee made from A2 milk, using the Vedic process of churning and filtering as mentioned in Ayurveda. Being 100% natural, Organicbite desi Rathi cow a2 ghee is perfect for everyday cooking.

Rates :-

5 L - 5500

10L - 11000

20L - 22000

50L - 55000

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A2 Vedic Buffalo Ghee

Buffalo A2 ghee induces natural sleep, Also helps in bleeding problems arising due to intestinal disorders like piles and sprue. it’s antioxidants that help in boosting immunity.

Rates :-

5 L - 4500

10L - 9000

20L - 18000

50L - 45000

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